Winter skin care

It's winter and everything slows down – nature, people and even the skin. Most commonly lack of sunlight and the slowdown of regeneration processes are causing problems with the skin tone and hydration - it appears to be greyish and dull. Hydration problems are getting worse right during the coldest time of the year when skin gets tired dealing with environmental aggressors, temperature changes and darkness which affects our whole body.

When seasons change skin needs more intense treatment to keep it healthy and hydrated, boost the process of regeneration to reactivate skins vitality. 

DABBA formula for glowing and healthy skin:

1.TONING – choose the Floral water suitable for your skin, it’ll tone and prepare the skin for the serum treatment and will boost its effect.

2. DEEP HYDRATION – choose one of Deepwater Boosters for the skins deepest hydration. Oil-free formula brings all the actives to the deepest layers of skin providing immediate and long term hydration.

3.NOURISHING and PROTECTION - choose one of our oil elixirs to help to moisturize the skin and lock the moisture in.

Or try one of our 3 step treatment sets - HYDRATION or REGENERATION for a complete routine.

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