DABBA is revealing the deepest and purest essence of the Northern nature. It’s a story told through Northern plants - flowers, leaves, roots, seeds, bark of the wood and cosmetics that are crafted using those same tough plants. It’s a story about a journey back to nature, back to your roots.


DABBA story started in 2011, THE WHOLE SUMMER WAS SPENT IN MEADOWES AND FORESTS WILD HARVESTING different aromatic plants that may be used as cosmetic ingredients. The same year DABBA was founded as a company and it took off with an ambitious goal to become the leading producer of high quality Floral Waters in the region. 

The DISTILLERY was set-up IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR OWN ORGANIC FARM  in order to cut the time needed for plants to travel from the field to the still. Still today the plants used in DABBA floral waters and extracts that make the biggest part of every formulation we develop are grown or harvested within 15minutes distance from the processing facilities.  Since then we have been widening our interests, views and knowledge in plant-based beauty and care becoming a company that sees no limits in people and organic cosmetics.

Whenever possible a LOCAL PLANT IS USED AS AN ACTIVE INGREDIENT, the plants are always treated with respect, the amount of waste material is reduced to minimums and treated as compost if possible, every ingredient in our formulas is used for a purpose which is never marketing and the amount of certified organic ingredients are always as high as possible, conventional ingredients are used only when no organic alternatives are available. 

In 2021 we celebrated our 10th anniversary and looking back at what we have been going through the past years we raised a glass to THE NATURE which HAS ALWAYS SHOWED US THE RIGHT DIRECTION and the idea that it is sometimes better to be smaller but stronger.