DABBA oil elixirs are concentrated oil based serums full of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids made from powerful seed oils and original DABBA extracts made from the same plant as the oil making it the double strength facial care product.

Organic serums DABBA oil elixirs, Certified by COSMOS, Rosehip Oil, Raspberry Seed Oil

Our extracts that play an important role in DABBA oil elixirs are made from wild growing Rosehip and Raspberry plants supplied to us by local organic farms that are never more than 15 minutes away from our facilities. Extracts for DABBA elixirs use Jojoba oil as an extracting medium, so we can achieve the softest skinfeel and most comfortable use of the elixir.  

DABBA oil elixirs deeply moisturise, improve skin tone and elasticity, give the boost to the skin's regeneration process helping to fight free radicals responsible for ageing processes. Being potent serums they may be used periodically as a regular course when the skin feels tired, has lost its energy, radiance and you are willing to bring an extra potent treatment to your skin.

To make our Elixirs suitable for even the most sensitive skin types we do not add any fragrance to them, the aroma is typical to the botanicals that have been used in production.

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DABBA Oil Elixirs, Logos -COSMOS, Organic, Natural, No Fragrance Added, Vegan Friendly