DABBA floral water is a facial toner made from fresh nordic plants and pure spring water created in the most careful distillation process to produce the most efficient cosmetic product with a high level of active substances. 

The plants we use for distillation never travel more than 15 minutes from our distillery, they are always grown or harvested at the nearest organic farms considering the seasonality and organising the production accordingly – from May to September.

DABBA floral waters range, chamomile, yarrow, peppermint, apple, birch leaf, wild raspberry leaf, heather and meadowsweet water

There are eight different floral waters in our range which are all purposefully distilled (not a by-product of essential oil industry) at our facilities during the short nordic summers of Latvia. Each of the waters has its own character which makes it suitable for certain skin types and conditions.

DABBA floral waters do not contain any alcohol or added fragrance making them very delicate and light.

Floral waters cleanse, moisturise and soothe the skin while restoring the natural pH level, reducing the redness, promoting production of new healthy skin cells, improving skin protection capabilities and circulation.

Use your favourite floral water before applying moisturiser to boost its effect and any time of the day for an instant refreshing and hydrating effect – especially during long office hours spent indoor, while travelling, doing workouts or after sunbathing.

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Natural, Organic, Vegan friendly, Ecocert certified, Recyclable packagin floral waters


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