Pine Needle Power



It's the Pine Needle Power which is common to the range of DABBA Hair products. Being a typical plant of the Northern Europe pine is packed with Vitamins (A, B, C, E, K,) beneficial lipids, minerals (manganese, iron, copper, magnesium) and flavonoids that are directly linked to beneficial effects on skin and hair.

DABBA Organic Hair Care, Salt Spray, Hair Oil, Mask certified by COSMOS

DABBA Baltic Sea Spray is based on pine needle water which is a Floral Water and enriched with minerals to achieve the "beach look" and add the volume to your hair in a natural way. In combination salts and pine needle water is contributing to healthy hair and scalp.

DABBA Strengthening Hair Oil is a blend of high-quality organic oils and our own original extracts having Pine Needle Extract as the central element to the composition. Due to the high volume of actives combined with the finest oils, our Strengthening Hair Oil will help to maintain the hair and scalp healthy, moisturised and naturally beautiful.

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DABBA Organic Haircare - COSMOS ceritifies, All natural, Vegan Friendly